"Flexible Fund-Projekt" FF-2013-10 des Exzellenzcluster „Cells in Motion“:
"Targeted photoinduced killing of bacterial pathogens utilizing maltohexaose-conjugated photoprobes"
A. Faust, C. Strassert, S. Niemann Dauer: 1.7.2013 - 30.6.2016 In this project, we will develop biocompatible photoactive architectures, and gain a detailed knowledge of the effects they can trigger on bacteria, resulting in a basic knowledge of the ways to construct light-triggered selective bullets against pathogens. In spite of the growing demand for efficient therapeutic alternatives against antibiotic resistant bacteria, our investigations will shine new light onto the design of third generation phototherapeutic and diagnostic agents. We will survey the photoinduced damage inflicted on antibiotic resistant bacteria, and focus on the identification of potential strategies for selective targeting of pathogens. For these purposes, the architectures will possess three clearly defined functionalities: (1) luminescence to trace the biological target (2) singlet oxygen photoproduction (3) defined functionalization that will modulate the affinity for different cells. Monitoring the affinity for specific cellular structures will pave the road for selective targeting. Link: Cells in Motion (CIM)