Postdoctoral Researcher (gn) in Neuro-Immunology

Institute of Translational Neurology, Department of Neurology

The Institute of Translational Neurology, Department of Neurology (Chair: Prof. Dr. Heinz Wiendl), offers a position limited to 3 years, of a

Postdoctoral Researcher (gn*) in Neuro-Immunology
Ref.: 05640

Full-Time 100%
German salary grade: E 13 TV-L

(*gn=gender neutral)

Overall, research in the Department of Neurology combines basic animal models and patient-derived specimen with cutting-edge technologies. One of our recent projects has been to better under­stand neuro-immunological diseases by applying single cell technologies (see e.g. PubMed IDs 32295886, 31937773). We are now looking for a postdoctoral researcher to extend our interdisciplinary and international team of immuno-biologists and neuro-immunologists. The applicant will study lymphocytes in nervous system-associated border compartments within the Neuroimmunology lab of the Department of Neurology as part of the established research group of PD Dr. Meyer zu Hörste.

The Department uses various animal models and hosts an extensive biobank of various neuro-immunological specimen. We employ cell and molecular biology techniques such as flow cytometry, cell isolation and sorting, RT-PCR, Western blotting, cloning, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, and confocal microscopy. Within the larger Department of Neurology, our group in specific applies and develops various single cell/nuclei RNA-sequencing (sc/snRNA-seq) methods. Specifically, we use scRNA-seq techniques with or without CITE-seq and spatial transcriptomics. Bioinformatic analyses are performed either by us or by collaborators. We have built a stable platform for single cell RNA-seq relative techniques, and have a lively interaction with highly renowned groups in the field of single-cell technology, immunology and neuroimmunology both nationally and internationally. This is reflected for example by our collaborations within the DFG-funded Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) ‘Breaking Barriers’ and the Transregio SFB ‘Multiple Sclerosis’.

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist to better characterize local immune reactions in border compartments of the nervous system. In addition to applying single cell technologies, the focus will be all relevant immunological methods and animal experimentation including rodent stereotactic surgery.

The qualified candidate should have a Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in biology or a related scientific discipline. The candidate should be well organized and able to work independently, but also to be a team player and share our passion for understanding neuro-immunology. Experience in standard Immunological Techniques (e.g., flow cytometry) and in Animal Experimentation and regulations in Germany will be required for the present position. Applicants with experience in neuro-immunology will be given preference, but any immunological background will be relevant. Experience in transcriptomics are a plus, but not required because all necessary techniques are established in our group. We are an international group, so good written and oral communication skills in English are required. German speaking skills and a background in immunology or neuroscience are preferable to handle animal experimentation applications, but are not mandatory.

The ideal candidate will be interested in developing her/his own research profile including the ability to acquire independent third-party funding.

Please send your application (including the above reference number) with all relevant information (CV, cover letter) until 30.06.2021 to Personalgewinnung des Universitätsklinikums Münster, Bewerbermanagement, Domagkstraße 5, 48149 Münster or via e-mail (PDF-file, max. 5 MB) to Bewerbung(at)­ukmuenster(dot)­de.

Applications of women are specifically invited. In the case of similar qualifications, competence, and specific achievements, women will be considered on preferential terms within the framework of the legal possibilities. Handicapped candidates with equivalent qualifications will be given preference.

The University Hospital of Münster is one of the leading hospitals in Germany. Such a position cannot be achieved by size and medical successes alone. The individual commitment counts above all. We need your commitment so that even with little things we can achieve great things for our patients. There are many possibilities open for you so that you may develop with them.



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