Postdoc (gn) “Organ specific inflammatory responses in Macrophages”

Institute of Immunology

The working group of Dr. Alonso Gonzalez “Mechanisms of macrophage plasticity” at the Institute of Immunology, in the frame of a new collaborative research center (SFB1450) at the University of Münster, Germany, is looking as soon as possible limited to 31.12.2024 for a

Postdoc (gn*) “Organ specific inflammatory responses in Macrophages”
Ref. 05537

Salary according to TV-L E13

(*gn= gender neutral)

The project funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) focuses on the study of organ-specific responses to acute inflammation by macrophages. There is a particular focus on Multiscale imaging as part of the research network in collaboration with several faculties at the University of Münster. Therefore a high degree of interdisciplinary cooperations are planned.


  • Doctorate, PhD or equivalent university degree in biology, biomedicine or life science
  • Strong background in immunology with a profound knowledge on myeloid cell development and macrophage plasticity. Previous work on mechanisms of anti-inflammatory responses by macrophages and phagocytosis of dead cells is also desired
  • At least one original research publication as first author in the field of innate immunity
  • Experience in molecular biological (cell culture, RT-qPCR, western blot etc.), ex vivo and in vivo imaging techniques as well as high throughput sequencing data analysis
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in animal work, particularly with knockout and transgenic mouse lines and inflammatory mouse models. Certification and approval to work with laboratory animals in Germany is desirable
  • Excellent English communication skills

For further information contact the head of the research group: Dr. Noelia Alonso Gonzalez (alonsogo(at)­uni-muenster(dot)­de)

Please send your application in a single pdf file, a short statement of research experience and motivation (max 1 page), a CV including a list of publications, and the names and contact information of two potential referees until 15.02.2021 to Bewerbung(at)­ukmuenster(dot)­de.

Applications of women are specifically invited. In the case of similar qualifications, competence, and specific achievements, women will be considered on preferential terms within the framework of the legal possibilities. Handicapped candidates with equivalent qualifications will be given preference.

The University Hospital of Münster is one of the leading hospitals in Germany. Such a position cannot be achieved by size and medical successes alone. The individual commitment counts above all. We need your commitment so that even with little things we can achieve great things for our patients. There are many possibilities open for you so that you may develop with them.



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